• The company successfully passed the mid-term examination of Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Achievements Transformation Fund Project. In the same year, the company introduced Professor ZHAO Guoqun, the President of School of Materials in Shandong University, the winner of National Outstanding Youth Fund, the “Changjiang Scholar” distinguished Professor of the Ministry of Education, and an expert owning the special allowance from the State Council, to establish a high-level innovation team which was awarded the title of “Jiangsu Province Dual Creative Team.” In the same year, the company “Development and Industrialization of Hollow Thin-walled Parts Cold and Warm Compound Forging Extrusion Production Line Project” won an excellent award in the Third China Enterprise of Innovative Entrepreneurship Competition, and the third prize in the Innovation Contest of Jiangsu Province.


  • In March, the company undertook Jiangsu Province science and technology achievements transformation Fund Project, and obtained national gratuitous grant of 6 million Yuan, an interest-free loan of 3 million Yuan. In July, the company was approved for the establishment of post-doctoral innovative practice bases in Jiangsu Province. In the same year the company became a qualified supplier of SAIC Motor of Shanghai Automotive Automatic Transmission co. Ltd.


  • Company owned new requisition land of 116 acres and began infrastructure construction in August. In November 2013, the first-stage project was completed and put into use.


  • The company strengthened its internal management system, and constantly improved the product quality. The program of automatic transmission core components accumulator shell entered the supply system for BYD Auto. Industrial Co. Ltd. and became a qualified supplier. So far the company has extended to the finished automobile factories.


  • The company established 8 hot warm forging production lines, and introduced many imported molds manufacturing equipment. Our company digested and absorbed Japanese precision forging technology, and was eventually capable of manufacturing precision forgings at an annual production of about 8 million. During the same year, the company became a qualified supplier of Universal Group.


  • The company and Jiangsu University jointly set up the “Research Center of Cold-Warm Composite Precision Molding Engineering Technology of Jiangsu Province” research and development platform. The patented product “axial turning-type universal joint with tripod blind holes precision forgings” undertook “The National Science and Technology Innovation Fund Project”. In November, the company started to construct its new research and development office building.


  • The company was identified as “Key High-tech Enterprise of National Torch Project” by the Ministry of Science and Technology, and was approved of 2 high-tech products in Jiangsu Province.


  • The company added 4 warm precision forging production lines, and entered a new stage of development. The turning-axis factory of Inner Joint Long-axis Drive Shaft Group was successfully set and massively manufactured. The Research and Development Center promoted as “Warm and Cold Forging Joint Engineering Technology Research Center of Taizhou City,” axial turning-type universal joint with tripod blind holes precision forgings” won “The Second Prize for Taizhou Science and Technology Progress”.


  • Company was identified as the high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province, and passed ISO/TS16949 quality management system certification. TJ75 inner joint entered the production stage matching with Wazhou Group, and the products officially entered into the automobile constant velocity drive shaft OEM market. In the same year, the “axial turning-type universal joint with tripod blind hole precision forgings” was identified as “High-tech products in Jiangsu Province”, and undertook the National Torch Project.


  • The company successfully developed the flanged internal cage precision forging mold sets and more than 10 series of flanged internal cage precision forging parts, also declared national patents. In the same year, the company became a member of Chinese Forging Association, and won the city level award of ” Top Ten Enterprises for Technology Revolution”, and “Advanced Science and Technology Enterprise”, and “Science and Technology Innovation Advanced Unit”; “Weiying” trademark was identified as “Famous Trademark of Taizhou City”.


  • The company fully opened the domestic automobile inner joint AF market of universal joint, and the sales increased significantly. At the same year, it won the title of “Jiangsu Private Science and Technology Enterprise”, and the sense of science and technology innovation has evolved.


  • The precision forging products of constant velocity and universal joints were set and massively manufactured for Wenzhou Guansheng Group, which marked the company was able to formally enter the AF market of the automobiles’ precision forgings of constant velocity and universal joints.


  • The company finished the installation and commissioning work of cold and warm forging production line, and succeeded in developing the precision forging products of constant velocity and universal joints, also developed a set of moldings of the first product successfully.


  • Jiangsu Weiying Machine Co. Ltd. was registered and established, built plants on a surface area of 3,000 square meters, and purchased two warm forging production lines, two sets of cold precision forging press, and other production equipment