Becoming the innovated leader of domestic enterprises in the advanced molding technologies filed,
And to create the world’s most competitive automobile forging supplier

Company Mission

To provide the world’s most optimized solutions for auto parts system with the core of precision forging technology
Investment in Research and Development

Annual investment in the science and technology of research and development should account for no less than 5% of the

Company Spirits

Our employees should have the courage to undertake;
Our employees should dare to challenge;
Our employees should be brave to sword.

Our Business Philosophy

Our greatest value lies in the value experience of customers.

Our Core Values

Innovation Integrity Responsibility Pursuit

Innovation is the essence, integrity as a fundamental element, and responsibility is the principle, the pursuit as a spirit. Innovation is the essence of Weiying, We innovate every detail during the development of company through the guidance of innovation concept, moving for achieving strategic innovation, using the technological innovation as the motivation and management innovation as the method, to eventually accomplish the market innovation. Innovation, as a core value during the period of our gradual development, firmly guides us to become stronger and bigger compared to the earlier smaller and weaker for over 10 years. “Innovation” culture itself is constantly experiencing innovated development in every stage of the company, which attributes to the general agreement, positive participation and active promotion of our employees.

Integrity is the root of running a company and promoting promise future, by which we can find the foothold, complete a man, and strengthen an enterprise.
Responsibility is a kind of power to put forward the growth and enlargement of a company, and even to promote the development and improvement of a whole nation.
Pursuit is a positive way to fix a position of value, and more a sense of self-transcending and exceeding. The improvement of human beings is based on timeless pursuits.